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The best cake turntable to buy – Top 5 turntables on the market

Top 5 best cake turntable to buy on the market

Are a serious cake decorator who enjoys elaborating the details on your cake?

Perhaps you have purchased a turntable before but is frustrated with its quality? Are you confused with the features you should be focusing on when picking a good cake turntable?

No worries. This ‘best cake turntable to buy’ review is to look at the top cake turntables you can get from the market (you’re welcome)!

I once mentioned that a cake turntable is not a necessity, but the process of cake decorating can be frustrating if you don’t have one.

Just like walking barefoot on the road – you can do it, but you are going to end up with a lot more pain.

If you are working without a turntable, you might find yourself dancing around your cake awkwardly but a turntable allows you to handle your cake in a smooth position all the time.

To use a turntable, simply place the undecorated block or layers of cake onto its surface and rotate it while you are applying fillings or frosting, or piping details on the cake.

The best cake turntable to buy – Buying guide

When we are choosing a turntable, there are a few points to look at.

The first and the most important – a good model must spin smoothly and easily.

It would be no different from working without a turntable if the model is stiff and fails to rotate at a consistent speed. In fact, it might actually make it harder to handle.

The second feature we need is a non-stick surface as this ensures that your cake stays still while you are moving the turntable.

The height of the turntable should also be taken into consideration when you are purchasing them.

If you have a low working surface, you should get a model that has a considerable height. Nobody wants to end up with a bad back after the joyful cake decoration session, right?

If you are ready, we are going to talk about the best cake turntable to buy from the market.

Ateco Revolving Cake Stand


Material: Cast iron

Dimension: 12-inch (30cm) platform * 5-inch (13cm) stand


Recommended for: Committed cake decorators

Ateco-revolving-cake-standThis bakery-quality turntable is worth investing if you are making fancy cakes on a regular basis and are looking for the best cake turntable to buy.

Its cast iron base makes it heavier, sturdier and gives smoother spins with no risk of movement. The is exactly what you are looking for when you are buying yourself a superior quality stand. You can write a love song about it!

It is aesthetically pleasing and gives a more professional looking. You will be happy how photogenic your cake will be when it is placed on this stand.

The top is 12 inches, plus the non-stick surface means that your cake will stay put when you are making decorations on it.

One important to take note is that you should not submerge the turntable in water when cleaning. Only clean by hand with soap and hot water, and it is good to go.

What others are saying?

Its weighted stand and capacity to give smooth rotations have helped to win top marks from the buyers. You can be convinced that this stand is the ultimate dream of bakers.

The only drawback spotted is that some have complained that the metal base has caused it too heavy to be carried around, but its weight is open to debate.

Keep in mind that it is exactly its weight that allows the stand to anchor at the base and therefore allows quick and secure spins.

Innovative Sugarworks Artists’ Turntable


Material: Aluminium

Dimension: 12-inch (30cm) platform * 4-inch (10cm) stand


Recommended for: Committed cake decorators

Innovative-Sugarworks-Artists-turbtableIf I have to pick one favourite turntable, that would be this Innovative Sugarworks Artists’ turntable. You may join my team in five minutes. Here’s why.

Not only it is beautiful on the outside, but its stainless steel thrust bearing also allows this model to have the smoothest rotation.

You don’t have to worry about any crooked lines or awkward-looking curves when you are decorating your cake on this stand.

The stability is enhanced by its wide base. This ensures your cake to stay securely on this turntable.

The food grade aluminium work surface and is durable and sturdy – this turntable holds cake up to 25kg. Now you know that this stand is a bodybuilder inside and is able to do all the heavy lifting.

A non-slip mat is also included to make sure that your cake stays put during the decorating process. An almost-done cake ending up on the floor is the last thing you want.

The aluminium plate also allows for easy cleaning. You don’t have to worry that you need to spend ages cleaning this stand after completing a hard work on your cake.

What’s better? This turntable is fitted with a tension key that allows the adjustment of turning speed so you can feel secure knowing that the cake will not spin away while you are trying to work on it.

If you tightened the key completely, the platform will be locked in place. This allows your cake to be securely decorated!

What others are saying?

This turntable has received a five-star review from 95% of the verified buyers on due to the fact that it is easy to use, glides effortlessly and has a surprisingly lightweight.

You can definitely handle it around your kitchen without any difficulties.

No critical review has been found.

Wilton Trim ‘n Turn ULTRA Cake Turntable


Material: Plastic

Dimension: 12-inch (30cm) platform * 3-inch (8cm) stand


Recommended for: Cake decorators at the intermediate level

Wilton-Trim-n-Turn-ULTRA-Cake-TurntableAnother best cake turntable to buy is this Wilton Trim ‘n Turn ULTRA Cake Turntable.

This model has a hidden ball-bearing track to aid smooth turning and a non-slip design to ensure a steady cake during the decorating process. You always want your cake to sit still during the whole decorating process.

You can relate this to the ladies in the salon – the stylists definitely want them to stay still when they are working on them. Right?

One of the features worth highlighting is that this model has an easy locking platform to prevent spinning when necessary, which makes it stand out from other products with similar price.

The base is three-inch high and the arched design at the bottom has facilitated easy grip. This is another feature that allows you to securely handle your cake.

One of the greatest feature of this the turntable is that it is dishwasher safe.

This means that you don’t have to deal with the faff of cleaning after your happy cake decorating session. But, it can also be easily hand-washed if you prefer to do so.

If you are searching for a model that comes at a not-too-high price but also looking for great features such as the locking system, this model is one you must consider.

What others are saying?

This Wilton cake turntable has been receiving tons of positive reviews from the verified buyers on

Buyers have shown their likings on the lock system and many have left a good comment regarding the ease of cleaning of this model.

However, some has also complained that this plastic turntable is too light and can move while they are decorating their cake.

PME Tilting Turntable


Material: Plastic

Dimension: 9-inch (23cm) platform * 5.5-inch (14cm) stand


Recommended for: Cake decorators at the intermediate level

PME-tilting-turntableUnlike the above, this model is able to be tilted to any angle within the range of 0 to 20 degrees. You may agree that this is its most outstanding feature.

The tilting function supports the ideal position for cake decorating, especially when you are creating delicate and intricate patterns on the sides of the cake – you don’t have to worry that you will end up with a sore neck and back at the end of the day.

A strong non-slip top is the most important here because when the stand is tilted, it is easier for your cake to slip.

Thankfully, the top is robustly designed to prevent unsteady movement and it is fitted with non-slip top and feet. These features promise a steady cake and a secure decorating process. You can relax and focus on your cake decorating details.

This stand can hold a heavier cake than you think. This model is made from heavy-duty hygienic plastic, it is so strong that it can hold cakes up to 50kg (110lbs).

No matter it is a simple afternoon tea party cake or a three-tiered massive wedding cake, this stand is going to proudly take care of all of your special occasions.

What others are saying?

Buyers have given the tilting function and its price a top mark.

However, there are also some people who said that the item they bought is not PME branded.

Before purchasing, it is worth paying extra attention to the website you are viewing. The cheap fakes might also use the same images published on a decent website.

VonShef Cake Decorating Display Stand


Material: Plastic

Dimension: 11-inch (28cm) platform * 2.75-inch (7cm) stand


Recommended for: Beginner cake decorators

VonShef-Cake-Decorating-Display-StandThis Vonshef cake turntable wins no place in a beauty contest but its price comes attractively. With no more than 10 bucks, you can have a try on the spin-and-decorate feeling.

If you are just starting out, this is the best cake turntable to buy for you. At least you know this model is not going to cost your dinners for the following two weeks.

The manufacturer provides a generous two-year guarantee. You can be relaxed now – this model might be cheap, but it is not going to be a piece of crap.

There are circular markings on the rotating platform. These markings are to help you to make certain that the cake is centred when you are decorating it.

The material used to produce this turntable is strong plastic and features its hygiene and ease of cleaning. These are the basics you can expect from this model.

The most noticeable drawback is that this stand includes no non-slip elements. There is a potential risk that your cake might slip from the stand if it is not handled properly.

However, this stand has a great value for money overall. You should consider this model if you are a beginner and are not looking for many fancy features.

One last point is that the 2.75 inches base is considerably low. If you have a low working surface, this should be taken into consideration. However, if you are a person who enjoys sitting while decorating, this will be no issue at all.

What others are saying?

More than 250 verified buyers on give this product an overall rating of 4.3 stars. Almost all of them agree that this model has a great value for money.

This model is perfect for basic kitchen use but the spin function is definitely not the best – some has complained about its choppy spins.

The other most complained point is the lack of non-slip elements.

Which one is your favourite?

Above I have listed five models that suit cake decorators on different levels and I hope this article helps when you are considering which is the best cake turntable to buy.

Depending on your baking level and the specific features you need, you should be able to look for the one that best suits you. It is worth investing more in your cake turntable if you consider yourself as a committed baker and are planning to use it in a long-term.

However, if you are just starting out or still not sure which model will fit your need, it is safer to choose a model that has a smaller price tag.

If you would like to learn about the best cake stands available on the market, you may click here to proceed.

Anyway, if you have any question or is willing to share your personal favourite with me, please leave it in the comment section below! 🙂





  • Aria Len

    These are some really unique turntables! I really like the all white one! It looks like a button of some sort.

    I love these, especially when they’re good quality. They can even be left on the table as a center piece even if you don’t have a cake on it!

  • Sarah

    What an informative article! I think I Like the Ateco Revolving Cake Stand the best, it looks like it has a smoother joint between the top and the base which would make it easier to clean. I also love a stand with some heft!

    • Crystal

      Me too! I feel like the weight is adding a touch of the professional look to the turntables. Plastics are a lot more affordable but they definitely don’t have the best look or the smoothest rotations.

  • Wendy

    Height is a good point and something that I didn’t think of. I think I’m going to go with the Ateco Revolving Cake Stand. I like the idea that it is cast iron so I should get many years out of it. And it is the perfect height. Thanks for the review!

    • Crystal


      I am glad that you like this!

      Height is really important in making sure you don’t get a sore back after decorating your cake. Some people say it’s okay to sit and decorate but I personally prefer standing. It helps me in concentrating on creating the details.:)

    • Crystal

      Exactly! Good tools are really doing the jobs for you! I’ve once got one that doesn’t turn smoothly and it just ruined my cake every. single. time. Then, I have to spend so much time on fixing it again. So annoying!

  • Anastacia

    I was immediately drawn to the Innovative Sugarworks Artists’ Turntable, It looks sturdy, has a beautiful finish to it and it looks smooth to operate.

    I must admit when I saw cake turntables, the thought of a DJ’s turntable came to mind, I was expecting to see cakes that look like that.

    These are life savers for cake decorators! you do not want to be spinning around while decorating instead let the turntables do the job!


    • Crystal

      That’s my favourite too! I call it a combination of style, sturdiness and practicality!

      I know. I think both DJ’s and cake decorators’ turntable rocks!

      I’ve got a sore back everytime after decorating my cake back in the time when I have no cake turntable. I’m glad that I’ve got one now!:)

  • David Donahue

    Really cool turntables you have here. I never really thought about these but seeing how I am watching food shows all the time I can see how they are a great accessory to baking cakes. I love chocolate cake. Well written and informative!

    • Crystal

      I’m glad that you like my article:)

      I feel that watching someone decorating or frosting their cake on the cake turntable is particularly stress-relieving too!

  • Karin

    I am “kitchen challenged” so the idea of even baking a cake frightens me! But I can see how one of these would be really useful to the serious bakers.

  • KB

    I have a relative who loves baking cakes and I’m sure she’d love to check out some of these options. This post is very well made, like a stacked wedding cake :).

  • Andrew

    Some of these are very pretty, others are very techy, while some are a combination of both. I think it’s very creative and a very interesting article!

  • CNGoodwin

    Great choice in cake stands, I personally own one similar to the Innovative Sugarworks Artists’ Turntable and the beginner white plastic turn table. They are very helpful and makes decorating cakes just that much easier. Not to mention that it can be used as a cake display unit as well for an event.

  • Steve

    My daughter has taken an interest in baking recently and I couldn’t be happier! I love testing all of the cakes she is baking. I have been looking for a cake turntable for her birthday and I think the VonShef Cake Decorating Display Stand is perfect, as she is a beginner. Thanks for posting this article, it’s very helpful and thorough! Are there any other tools that you would recommend for a beginner?

  • Marlinda

    Omg, Crystal, this takes me back. I used to LOVE to decorate cakes but I just never had no one to bake cakes for. I wish I found this guide back then because I never knew what turntable to get.

    I’ve actually been thinking about starting it again because it relaxes my mind. I’ll be following your blog and hopefully find some inspiration 🙂

    ~ Marlinda

    • Crystal

      Wow, thank you for your lovely comment!

      I know it can be quite tricky when you love to bake but there’s just no one to bake for but I used to make small cakes so I can finish it myself or with my colleagues, haha! And, small cakes not only because I can finish it, but also more chances to practise cake decorating! I am sure that you can relate to the relaxing feeling when you are focusing on making your cake!

      By the way, I hope that you get some ideas for choosing the best cake turntable for yourself!

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to seeing you around here!:)

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