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The best cake stands 2018 – Pick your favourite from these 10 beautiful models

The best cake stands 2018 – top 10 models on the market

I believe the last step in cake decorating would be placing your cake masterpiece on the best cake stand in 2018 and show it off to the world. Make it photogenic. Make it shines.

Surely the effort you had just put in deserves a huge clap from the audience! Am I right?

To many cake decorators, cake stands are there to enhance the beauty of your cake. During a celebration worthy time, there is nothing like a cake positioned on a nice, strong stand. Standing under the highlight, gathering the eyeballs around it.

Whether your cake is covered with sprinkles or it is a white, classic naked cake, there is always a stand that suits your style.

You may find designs that have lace scrolls to emphasise the classiness of a wedding cake and at the same time, also chic designs with a bright colour to stress minimalism.

The best cake stands 2018 buying guide – How to choose the best cake stand for yourself?

The first thing to consider when buying the best cake stands in 2018 is to be clear about your purpose. Are you looking for a stand that is for daily use or for a massive party? Are you using it at home or commercially?

Then, you need to set up your budget range.  In general, stand made from plastic tends to be cheaper and when materials such as glass and marble are used, the stand is more likely to come with a bigger price tag.

The last and the most important point is that you need to do is just to make sure that your cake fits the plate where it will be placed. Generally, the cake should be one to two inches smaller than the plate which is made to hold.

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1. Hubsch Marble and Brass Cake Stand

Price: £82.99

Material: Marble and brass

Dimension: 26cm (10-inch) diameter x 11cm heightHubsch-Marble-and-Brass-Cake-StandThis cake stand is from one of the most undoubtedly elegant brands. Hubsch has dedicated itself to creating functional, Scandi pieces for our homes. One of the examples would be this marble and brass cake stand.

The marble platter brings a touch of contemporary elegance and acts as a stand to display the baked goods in the most striking way. What can be a better way to make sure that your effort to bake for the guests is not neglected? You get the answer here!

Not only bursting with the luxurious feeling, but the natural cooling effect of the thick marble platter also helps in keeping your food fresh and appetising-looking. The best hint here is that not only the baked goods can be displayed on it – you can pretty much leave anything you want on this beautiful stand. Hams, cheese, salami, you name it.

The brass base is definitely a slick eye-catcher. Any person with great taste and at the same time enjoys a low-profile luxury will consider this model a must-have. You know you can win the hearts of your guests with this stand.

The other superior feature of the marble platter is that cleaning it is a breeze. You don’t have to worry about staying late after a wild party, just trying to clean all the dirt on it. Cleaning the marble platter literally takes 10 seconds. Simply wipe it clean!

2. Mosser Black Raspberry Glazed Milk Glass Cake Stand

Price: £70.00

Material: Milk glass

Dimension: 30cm (12-inch) diameter x 20cm height Mosser-Black-Raspberry-Glazed-Milk-Glass-Cake-StandIf you are a vintage person and are looking for a retro model, this is the best cake stand in 2018 for you.

Looking at the appearance of this model, if this is not the combination of minimal and retro, I have no idea what is.

This model is made by experienced manufacturers who have worked for over three decades in their field. So, you can rest assured that the milk glass used to produce this model is of some of the finest quality on the market.

If you reckon that this milk glass stand is going to be a lady, then you are wrong.

Thanks to its solid glass construction, it is perfect for supporting heavy cakes such as the wedding cakes and the fruitcakes.

For example, for the 12-inch stand model here, with a weight of 3kg, it remains sturdy and strong and is able to support a maximum weight of 34kg.

You don’t have to worry about this stand which is used in your little afternoon tea party is unable to handle a big event like a bachelorette party.

This stand comes in different sizes and colours too. You may click on the link below to check out.

From jade green to baby pink or bonnie blue. Relax – you don’t have to worry that they don’t include your favourite colour here.

There are also various sizes available to choose from. From six to twelve inches, they’ve got you covered. Actually, you may have a collection of it!

3. Dine@drinkstuff Stainless Steel Cake Stand

Price: £24.99

Material: Stainless steel

Dimension: 30cm (12-inch) diameter x 17cm height

Dine-drinkstuff-Stainless-Steel-Cake Stand

This stainless steel is one of the best cake stands in 2018 for you if a sturdy and stylish model is what you are looking for.

With a dome height of 18cm, this stand is able to hold a taller cake than you think. You don’t have to worry that the top is damaging your beautiful toppings, which is the last thing a cake decorate wants.

The dome means that your cake is kept away from the dust and any flies. So, if you have any kids at home, you don’t have to worry if they are going to end up with a bad stomach.

The dome also minimises the contact between the air and your cake, which is a good feature in ensuring your cake stays moist for a longer time.

Its stylish but not excessively exaggerating appearance is the best way for you to express your daily life attitude.

With a simplistic yet gorgeously metallic design, you can use this stand commercially and also at home.

This model comes at a reasonable, won’t-break-your-bank price of £24.99 and at the same time, a quality the worth more than its price. This is how this model wins an overall rating of 4.6 stars from the verified buyers on the Amazon.

Many have left a positive comment about its good value and how it can freshly store their cakes. If you wish to read more about their revies, you may click on the link below.

4. Amalfi Decor Victoria Collection Rose Gold 3 Tier Cupcake Stand

Price: £64.99

Material: Metal

Dimension: 20cm top plate; 25.5cm middle plate; 30.5cm bottom place; 58.5cm stand height


This handcrafted, three-tier rose gold cake stand makes sure that your favourite cupcakes or desserts stand out at your most important events. Call this the best cake stand in 2018 at birthday parties, baby shower, anniversary, no problem at all (wink)!

It is painted in a 100% food safe gold paint so you can be promised that this is not going to bring any potential risk to your food.

To give this model a distressed Victorian look, it is finished with the antique-style brush strokes and you are going to love these details.

This model also has a weighted base and a felted bottom. These features ensure you a steady stand on your special occasions.

With this three-tier stand, you can display up to 24 standard cupcakes or muffins at the same time.

When not in use, this model can be disassembled so you can easily store or handle or transport it.

A handle is also included in this stand. This means that you can carry this stand effortlessly.

The other feature worth highlighting is that the three layers are reversible. Therefore, if you flip it over, they can be used as fruit baskets or vanity trays in your kitchen or living room.

If the rose-gold is not your colour, you can also check out the other three colours (gold, champagne, and silver) by clicking on the link below.

5. Utopia Cake Stand with Leg

Price: £10.51

Material: Glass

Dimension:  32cm (12.5-inch) diameter x 12cm height


Here’s a classic, transparent glass stand that quietly adds a shining effect to your masterpiece.

Its simplistic and yet classy design has made it a versatile model for displaying all your baked goods, or fruits, snacks, etc. It is so versatile that you might find it stays on your countertop forever.

Due to its material and the fact that it is well made without rough glass edges, you may find it super easy to clean this model. You can even pour a kettle of boiling water on it to make sure that all the grease is completely gone.

Plus, the elegance of this stand comes at an easily justified price of £10.51. Whether you are a beginner looking for your first stand or an experienced baker searching for some special stands, this model is the one you must consider.

Because of its high quality, reasonable price and attractive appearance, 90% of the verified buyers on the Amazon have left a four or five-star rating on it.

This is just the kind of stand that you can walk away and let your cake do the talking.

6. Bunny Rabbit Cake Stand

Price: £18.99

Material: Ceramic

Dimension: 20cm (7.9-inch) diameter x 10cm height

Bunny-Rabbit-Cake-StandWhat is a better way to serve your baked goods in a joyful manner? Here’s the answer!

With a plate diameter of 20cm, this ceramic bunny plate might not be the most practical choice but it is definitely the most adorable. With this plate, you are going to display your desserts in the cutest way.

This model is one of the best cake stands in 2018 for entertaining but also suitable for everyday use. You can imagine the happy smiles on your family members when they are grabbing themselves a piece of chocolate fudge or macaroon from this bunny plate.

This plate is especially useful when you are holding an Alice in the Wonderland afternoon tea party. Watch out, you might bump into a talking rabbit!

By serving tasty treat on it, you are definitely delivering a special experience to your guests.

These ceramic rabbits are all hand-crafted by sincere crafters, so it is not uncommon to find some slight colour variations and quirks on it. But, you know this is exactly what makes it unique!

This plate also serves as a wonderful option if you are considering to buy your loved one a birthday or a housewarming gift. As an adorable and practical gift, they are going to love this!

7. Creative Co-op Wood Two-Tier Tray with Metal Handle

Price: £57.93

Material: Wood

Dimension: 38cm (15-inch) diameter x 48cm height


You wouldn’t believe the price of this high-end, beautiful tray.

Available at a reasonable price of £57.93, this is one of the best wood-tiered stands you can find on the market, considering its material, size and price.

The verified buyers on the Amazon have left an overwhelmingly positive rating on it. You can be convinced that this is an awesome deal.

This is not your ordinary ‘display-your-cake’ stand.

This wood-tiered stand itself is already a piece of art and is great for home decorating, making it not only wildly popular for bakers, but also for home decorators. You can add a Balinese touch to your dining area with this stand.

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing stand to be placed on your dining table forever, this is the one for you to go.

The materials are of high quality, sturdy, and gorgeous. Also, this model can be easily assembled – you can write a love song about it.

I would make a bold guess that no one is going to hate this stand. Let’s serve your afternoon tea in this gorgeous cake stand.

8. KitchenCraft Artesà Footed Square Marble Cake Stand

Price: £36.86

Material: Marble and wood

Dimension: 25cm width x 25cm depth x 12.5cm height

KitchenCraft-Artesà-Footed-Square-Marble-Cake Stand

Make your bold statement by displaying your cake on this pretty, hand-finished stand.

Not just displaying your cake, this stand is also designed to enhance your home by being a unique decoration.

This marble plate and the Sheesham wood base is an elegant combination of natural beauty and modern. The is the strongest companion for your baked goods on any dinner table.

Its square serving platform gives a neat and straight-forward feeling and a charming contrast will be formed when a round cake is placed on it. You can imagine your naked cake will look stunning when placed on this stand.

Similar to the first model (see number 1), the marble serving platform included has a natural cooling effect. This will help to keep your frosting at their optimum temperature. You may also showcase your cheeses, hams or fruits on this stand during your celebration worthy moments.

The manufacturer gives a generous five-year guarantee on this model. This feature shows the confidence of the manufacturer and at the same time promises you the durability of this model.

9. Royal Albert Polka Rose Vintage 2-Tier Cake Stand

Price: £27.99

Material: Fine Bone China


“Can I get a cup of tea?”

What’s a better moment than an English afternoon tea time with a Royal Robert tableware?

The Royal Albert has been dedicating themselves to making the fine bone china teaware since 1904 and you can only expect the very best cake stand from them.

If you are a lady looking for something looking gorgeously feminine, this two-tiered vintage cake stand is your best bet.

This model makes the perfect centrepiece when you need to escape to a world filled with nostalgia and romance.

Without being excessively quaint, the gold details on the edge of plates have brought a low profile luxurious touch to this model. You will always adore this cake stand.

Invite your best friends, throw a tea party and showcase your baked goods on this elegantly painted, chintzy stand.

As you know, when polka dots and cakes lead, fun definitely follows.

Many would not mind placing this gorgeous piece of art on their dining table to add an artsy emotion but you can also easily unscrew and pack down for storage. So, you can always have your space when you need it.

10. LSA Aurelia glass dome and stand

Price: £75.00

Material: Handmade ribbed glass

Dimension: 21cm (8.3-inch) diameter x 34cm height


This handmade glass stand with a dome is the best cake stand in 2018 to bring a sense of sophistication to your table.

Crafted by LSA, which is renowned for their artisanal approach of mouthblown glass, this model stands for originality and uniqueness. If you consider yourself an artist or crafter, you may find similarities between yourself and this model.

The fine and delicate lines and dainty balance of the dome can only be produced by artisans with extraordinary skills. This is why we find its big price tag reasonable.

The fact that this model is made entirely out of glass adds a dreamy feeling to this stand. You can be easily drawn into a world where fairy tales exist when using this romantic stand.

Showcasing your baking prowess in this classy glass stand will make you feel like a fairy. Plus, the dome is tall enough to hold your cake so you don’t have to worry that it might damage your delicate toppings.

As the dome comes along, you may securely leave your cake outdoor when you are throwing a summer party. You can rest assured that no flies or dust will be falling on your cake.

Minimising the contact between your cake and the air also means that your cake will stay proud and fresh for a longer time.

Which one is your favourite?

I hope that you enjoyed this ‘the best cake stands 2018 guide’. Depending on your need and budget, you should be clear about the specific features you are looking for.

My personal advice is that if you are looking for a stand that is planned to be used in a long-term, it is worth investing a bit more to get a model that you really love.

However, if you are just starting out or still not sure about the features you are looking for, you may start with models that won’t cost an arm or a leg.

If you have any question or want to share your favourite stand, please leave it in the comment! 🙂






  • Jeremy

    These are really nice and stylish. Not only do these add to the art of the cake, but also adds to the art of your home if that’s where you plan to keep the stand. However, I am someone that when I’m going to buy something, I need to use it. So I’d probably have to pick the Dine@drinkstuff Stainless Steel Cake stand. I could see myself using that one the most often, but I could totally see other people buying using the other ones you listed! Thanks for sharing this list!

    • Crystal

      Yeah, I agree that the Dine@drinkstuff stand is one of the most practical models here! I guess you are just like me, whenever I bought myself an excellent product, I find it so pretty that it would cut my heart to use it!

      Okay, maybe next time we should buy two – one for daily use, one for event use haha!

  • Jim Kulk

    What an interesting Article. I think I’d prefer the bone china cake stand. I know my wife would love it. Your article was very interesting and easy to navigate.

  • Tricia

    They’re all so beautiful! I think the marble ones are my favourites and the bunny plate totally made me giggle. I would love to see lots of bright, happy cakes on it. I imagine the milk glass cake would be beautiful with a light shining on it.

    • Crystal

      Yes, the bunny plate is one of my favourites too! You can imagine this is essential if you are holding an Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea party!

      The milk glass is undoubtedly gorgeous when placed under the light too!:)

  • Hudson

    Wow! I never knew there were so many to choose from! My favorite would be the marble and wood one. I am on the traditional side wanting something sturdy and durable. Great post!

  • Delanee B

    Is the top stand the Mosser Black Raspberry Glazed Milk Glass Cake Stand? We are getting married next June. That blue and burgundy are our colors! I looked on the website, but the colors were a little different. I am 100% behind you, a cake stand is like a frame to a picture. These are all very beautiful. I do really love the Hubsch Marble and Brass Cake Stand as well!

    • Crystal

      Hi, congrats on your wedding in advance!

      You mean the stand in the top image?
      It’s not the Glazed Milk Glass Stand. It’s made from plastic and if you are interested in it, here’s the link for you! (

      The Hubsch cake stand would complement if you are using a lot of blue and burgundy on your wedding. I think they all give a touch of grand feeling! 🙂

  • Andrew

    I love how simple, yet elegant the KitchenCraft Artesà Footed Square Marble Cake Stand is. A very special person to me already comes to mind. Thanks for the idea!

  • Derek

    Hey thank you for the super choice of designs and prices. You’ve done all the hard work for me all I need to do now is choose which one to buy?

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    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for the best cake stands and it helped me to choose my favorite )

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      Thanks for your kind comment! It’s very encouraging.

      At first, I didn’t think of this article would be much in need but now I am so glad that I wrote this! I am happy that I’m able to help 🙂

      Looking forward to looking you around my blog!:)

  • Maryann Breece

    I really love the rose gold cupcake stand. It makes me think of weddings and English style finger sandwiches. However, the functional side of me says a dome would be a must to keep the cake moist and dust free. It will be a hard decision, but thanks to you I have this handy guide.

    • Crystal

      Okay, based on what you have said, my best advice for you is – Get both. Haha, just kidding!

      I think it depends on which item is best suited for you. Does the weather at your place allow the display of cupcake without a lid? Are you going to hold parties often? Or, maybe you can think of using them as vanity trays?

      I hope that you find this helpful! 🙂

      Anyway, share your final decision with me! I would love to hear!

  • Alex

    Great, detailed post! I’m getting married within the next year and we thought of the idea of having cupcakes for our guests, so I will definitely be considering the cupcake stand you reviewed cause it seems like it has potential. Also, the rabbit stand is very cute haha! Thanks again for the article and have a good one!

    • Crystal

      Hey, congratulations in advance! 🙂

      I’m happy being in a part of your planning process! The cupcake stand is definitely an option. I think it suits quite a lot of wedding decorations! That will definitely be an eye-catcher on your wedding (maybe a photo prob too)!

      And, yeah, the rabbit stand is one of my favourites too, haha! I need to include it in this list – I just couldn’t help myself!

  • Dave

    Hey, Crytsa

    A great looking site you have just of late here in the UK more, more people are showing interest in baking and cooking so this is a very important area.


    • Crystal

      I know! The Great British Bake Off is such an amazing TV show! And, I’m actually not shy to admit that every time I watch the show, I’m secretly planning to get myself another piece of baking tool shown in it, haha!

  • Andrew

    I prefer the bunny rabbit one. It would get a laugh or two for sure. However, practicality would dictate that I need something a bit classier, like the KitchenCraft Artesà Footed Square Marble Cake Stand. But who knows, maybe if I’m lucky I will get to have it my way. Thanks for the information.
    Kind regards

    • Crystal

      That’s what the rabbit stand means to bring – happiness! I think it’s definitely bringing joy to families. But, yeah, you are right, practicality is what we should also consider. Maybe that’s why we need two stands in our kitchen, haha! 🙂

  • Pao

    I was looking for ideas for my mothers 50 birthday party and I found really good ones here! I loved the Amalfi decor Victoria Collection it suits really well with the decoration I have in mind!

  • Matiss

    I absolutely love marble for this kind of stuff.

    For me cakes always associate with huge parties and marble just seem to always fit that role perfectly. I do love the Hubsch Marble and Brass Cake Stand, it looks brilliant. And if money wouldn’t be of limited sorts, I would totally go for that one.

    But then I came across the No. 8, it looks absolutely gorgeous. And the wooden stand seem to go together with the wooden dining table I have. It’s my kinda thing. It also woks fits perfectly the kind of budget I planned for this. 🙂

    Thank you for all the insights on the various cake stands. I truly, truly appreciate it!
    Cheers and have a Great One!

  • Matts Mom

    I moved about a year ago, and left quite a bit of my kitchen stuff behind simply because it would have been a lot more costly to bring added boxes with me from Texas to Florida. My cake stand I had was one thing I did not think I would miss actually. But when my son’s birthday came along, his cake got delegated to a plate. I really like the 5th choice, the Utopia cake stand. It would go perfectly with my current kitchen stuff. Thanks for sharing and the great idea! To my disappointment, I did click on it and it ships to the UK. I will pick something similar I guess 🙂

  • Marian Florinel Condruz

    Nice topic, who does not like cookies? The models are stylish and I think they play a good role in intensifying the taste
    I like a lot the one with the bunny, is pretty funny
    Hubsch Marble and Brass Cake Stand looks also very good
    Overall I like all of them, but the one with the bunny … just makes me want it
    Great presentation, congrats

    • Crystal

      Hey thanks, Marian,

      The bunny one is really an adorable one! Especially suitable to be used on festivals! 🙂
      Some of my friends buy something adorable like this and display good nutritious food for their picky children to take it! Haha.

  • darren

    HI, This page brings back memories!

    I used to own a bespoke cakeshop and we used to higher out and provide cakestands for Afternoon Teas.

    Our most popular cakestand for cupcakes was the Royal Albert Polka Rose Vintage stand. We hired this stand out 3 or 4 times a week and also hosted countless English afternoon teas.

    The Royal Abert finished off the table sets perfectly and really brought sophistication and style to the table for our guests.

    The utopia cakestand was perfect for counter displays for large cakes we sold by the slice.

    keep up the good work, your products are first class!

    • Crystal

      Absolutely! I can understand why those guests love that Royal Albert cake stand so much. It’s just so so so photogenic and really brings an afternoon tea atmosphere to them! Even that you are just displaying the most common cupcakes on it, it can still look amazingly gorgeous on it!

      And, the Utopia cakestand too! Simply gorgeous and insanely attractive. I’ll get anything displayed on it, honestly.

  • Tim

    I know technically a cake stand can’t make your cake taste better…but I can’t help to think it really increases a positive experience! Love the milk glass stand, You really have nailed some fantastic options. What a way to make your creation “pop”! Thanks for a super review!

    • Crystal

      Not tasting better technically but definitely visually more enjoyable, haha!

      The milk glass stand is one of my favourites too!

      Anyway, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a lovely comment!

  • Todd Matthews

    Awesome post. I love the descriptions, visuals, pricing. Another plus here is the number of options a potential buyer has. Each product here is outlined in such great detail it’ll make buying these products easier for a consumer. Thanks for sharing such an excellent post.

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