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Porcelain dinnerware reviews part 3 – DOWAN

Let’s skip all the nonsense and go straight to the point today!

We believe that you have had a read on our previous DOWAN product reviews, right?

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Well, let’s not repeat how great the DOWAN products are, how wonderful their customer service is and how quickly you can receive your purchased dinnerware. Obviously, you all have known that!

Today, let’s discuss – what else you should include in your DOWAN tableware collection?

DOWAN Porcelain Espresso Cups with Saucers, Set of 4



  • Capacity: 4oz
  • Net Weight: 1.15kg (set of 4)
  • Color: White
  • Material: AB-Grade Porcelain

*30-day break-and-chip warranty

A lot of people will say coffee is their daily essential but many of them have missed out a more important thing – the cup that holds the coffee! Yes, it’s basic, but you just can’t live without it.

For example, the porcelain espresso cups from DOWAN are a great daily companion. Coming at a size of 4oz, it is perfect for serving your specialty coffee drinks.

These cups work well with espresso machines of all sizes and thanks to its café look, we actually feel like we are enjoying our brew in a coffee bar. Its square handle is comfortable to be held and large enough to fit your fingers and save them from scalds.

The 4.5-inch wide square saucers that come with the cups have bent up edges, which help in preventing coffee spills. You may also securely place your coffee spoon or dessert on the saucers.

Just like the many other DOWAN products, these coffee cups and saucers are thoughtfully designed to be stackable so only minimum space will be taken up when you are storing them in your cupboard or displaying them on the countertops.

These coffee cups also feature easy cleaning. The nightmare of trying to remove coffee stains will become a thing in the past if you use these adorable coffee cups from DOWAN.

DOWAN 28oz Fluted Bowls- 6pc Assorted Colors



  • Capacity: 28oz
  • Color: Blue Japanese style floral pattern
  • Dimensions: 6*6*3.2 inches
  • Material: AB-Grade Porcelain

*30-day break-and-chip warranty

How to complete your DOWAN porcelain dinnerware set? Here’s the answer for you.

This 6-pc bowl set from DOWAN is a no-brainer if you are looking for high-quality bowls in a trendy design. Not only can be served as daily-use bowls, but they are also a home decoration that sparkles.

Covered in an elegant blue Japanese floral pattern, there aren’t any better options for you to replace your boring, traditional-looking bowls.

With a large and deep capacity of 28oz, these bowls are perfect to hold pretty much everything – salads, ice cream, stews, soup, etc.

The fluted design on the outside not only gives the bowls a beautiful appearance but also makes it anti-slipping. This allows us to handle the bowls easily, no matter it is filled with cold or hot food.

Although coming in a set of six, there is nothing you should worry about storage – they stack on each other for efficient storage.

As any other DOWAN tableware items, these bowls are microwave, freezer, oven, and dishwasher safe. The only thing you should take note is that when you are washing them in the dishwasher, the items should be loaded to avoid bumping against others.

Let us know your thoughts!

So, any thoughts after reading our reviews on the DOWAN products? Do you have any questions on care and handling this beautiful tableware or just want to share your experience of using any DOWAN’s products?

If so, please leave them in the comment section below!

Cheers! 🙂

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