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Porcelain dinnerware reviews part 2 – DOWAN

Which brand first appears in your head when you think of porcelain dinnerware?

For us, it’s DOWAN. Reasons? Let us explain!

As a customer of DOWAN, what you can expect from them include:

  • Wonderful quality porcelain dinnerware
  • Speedy shipping
  • Awesome value for money
  • Responsive customer service

Literally, every occasion is made perfect in the presence of DOWAN products.  No matter you’re planning to entertain your guests or just trying to get your family some daily tableware, DOWAN is the one that makes sure you’re in the best position.

In today’s porcelain dinnerware reviews, we’ll continue to look at some of the most popular DOWAN products.

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DOWAN Porcelain Square Dinner Plates – 4 Packs



  • Net Weight: 2.5kg (set of 4 pc)
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 8*8*0.7 inches or 10*10*0.7 inches
  • Material: AB-Grade Porcelain

*30-day break-and-chip warranty

Planning to impress your other half or your family with a fine dining experience at home? Then you should not miss these stunningly beautiful porcelain square plates from DOWAN.

Finished with an elegant white color, you may seamlessly match it with your romantic candles, white table cloth, and roses, as well as your casual daily dining table set up.

Coming at a set of four, you may select from two sizes – 8*8 inch or 10*10 inch. Both are perfect for you to display your nicely grilled steak or salmon. The plates are thoughtfully designed to be concave and have a curved rim to hold more juice. The rim is for easy pick up so you can carry it from the oven to the table with zero effort and spilling.

These beautiful square plates are extremely durable for daily use, too. Their strength is maximized in the process when they are fired at a high temperature, making them resistant against scratch, chips, and breakage and can be used for years over years.

These plates are especially suitable for you if you do not have a large space in your kitchen – the curved rims have made them easily stackable on each other without any toppling risk. Simply stack them together no matter how many pieces you buy.

DOWAN 3oz Porcelain Dipping Ramekins, 6pc



  • Capacity: 3 oz
  • Net Weight: 1kg (set of 6pc)
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 4.6*3.2 inch
  • Material: AB-Grade Porcelain

*30-day break-and-chip warranty

Speaking of fine dining at home experience, how can you possibly miss the dipping ramekins? Imagine serving a delicious gravy sauce or an avocado salsa or a mouthful of pumpkin soup in these little spoons. It’s all about the details that make the difference, you know?

It’s exactly the time for you to start using these individual-sized ramekins!

And, don’t worry, the DOWAN porcelain dipping ramekins are here to get you all covered. Its white color and clean lines allow it to show food beautifully and at the same time, it’s easy to coordinate these ramekins with your other dinnerware.

These mini round dishes stay stable on any surface. Whether you are placing it on the table top or in the oven, there will be zero issues bothering you. They are also built with a handle, which allows you to effortlessly hold it and move it around.

They are made of long-lasting materials that prevent rippling and cracking. Moisture and stains will never be absorbed. Plus, storage can never be easier with these stackable small bowls – stack and store in one pile to save your cupboard space for other appliances.

We also think that these adorable small bowls are particularly useful when you are trying to keep an eye on your weight. Serving food in these ramekins helps in managing the portion size and controlling the caloric intake.

What do you think?

So, do you have any thoughts on these DOWAN products? How are these products if you compare them with those in the porcelain dinnerware reviews part 1? Which product is your favorite?

Anyway, we do hope you have enjoyed getting a better understanding of these lovely products. If you have any questions or are happy to share your favorite DOWAN product with us, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Cheers!

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