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KENWOOD kMix stand mixer review + unboxing video – a stylish and practical combination

The KENWOOD kMix stand mixer review – Overview

Product: Kenwood kMix KMX52G Stand Mixer

Price: £219.99

Where to Buy:

Guarantee: 5 Year warranty

Product rating: 4.5 out of 5 (according to 192 customer reviews)

After my last mixer which survived for only three years has broken down I decide to buy myself a better quality product.

I am always filled with envy every time I look at my mum’s mixer, which has an unbelievable capacity to help her from cooking to baking.

So by the time I came across to the Kenwood kMix stand mixer, I know that is what I have been looking for (hurray). And, this is why I think it’s a good time to write about this Kenwood kMix stand mixer review.

The kMix is undoubtedly a fantastic looking workhorse. When it comes to Kenwood we think of its strong product quality and brand reputation whose mixers are known to last for 20+ years.

Look at the generous 5-year warranty (which is the best of any stand mixer you can find on the market) and you will know the confidence they have in their product.

The Kenwood kMix stand mixer review – Features


The favourite point of mine regarding the kMix stand mixer is undoubtedly its gorgeous appearance. I would not say it is a light machine, which can be a hassle for anyone who often lifts their mixer in and out of a cupboard, but I definitely love showing it on my counter-top.

The kMix comes in a variety of colour and it can be confusing because each colour has their own model name. For example, the model name of my cream colour mixer is KMX52G. You may also check out mixers of other colours here.

This 8.7kg stand mixer has a 5-litre glass bowl that allows you to whip a hell lots of eggs at a time. It can handle up to 680g of flour, 1.3kg of bread dough or 2.7kg of cake batter, which is enough for two or three cakes.

One of its smart features is that it is able to maintain its speed under loading conditions, for example when eggs are added. The fact that it transitions gradually from a lower speed to a higher speed ensures that the ingredients stay in the bowl rather than spill.

It has a 500w motor and six-speed settings. One thing I particularly find attractive is its glass bowl that allows you to keep an eye on the mix and as you know, this is not very usual in other mixers.

With the spanner included, you can also easily adjust the height of the attachments so that anything at the bottom of the bowl is effectively included.

As many people would expect from a five-star mixer, the kMix does come with a splash guard. There is also a power outlet for you to add attachments such as meat grinder and pasta cutter.

Although its 500w motor does not support a great dough weight, the noise level is significantly lower when compared with other mixers with large motors.

For the sake of this Kenwood kMix stand mixer review, I will also give the kMix a fantastic mark in terms of ease of cleaning. The attachments that come together are K-lene coated. This is a special non-stick coating that allows an easier washing. Also, as they are non-stick, this means that together with the bowl, they are dishwasher safe.


There are three mixing attachments included in the delivery box of kMix:Kenwood-kMix-stand-mixer-accessories

  • K-beater: for cakes, biscuits, pastry icing, mashed potatoes etc
  • Ballon whisk: for eggs, cream, cheesecake etc
  • Dough hook: for yeast mixture

Unfortunately, as you see here a creaming beater is not included. You can purchase one separately but I will not agree with this is cheap.

The other point worth mentioning is that due to the lower torque of the 500W motor, the maximum dough weight supported is only 1.3kg – one I would consider reasonably low.

My favourite is cake so I find it not an issue for me but if you do tend to bake large loaves and plan to use it a lot, I would recommend you to check out mixers like the Kenwood KM336.

Unboxing video

Here I have attached an unboxing video so that you can get a clearer image of it.

Should you buy it?

In conclusion, is the kMix a stylish and practical combination? The answer, in short, is: YES.

I have learnt it in a hard way. Over the years I have spent quite a bit of money buying in mixers that just do not work in the way I expect.

Some of them failed to incorporate the ingredients at the bottom of the bowl, some of them are noisy, some of them simply failed to last long enough. I guess you have also encountered some of the problems I faced before.

I am personally a great fan of the Kenwood kMix and I believe that if you are going to spend huge money on such big-ticket item, it must be of high quality and should not be boring. If you know you are going to use it for long, I would highly recommend you to check out the kMix.

I hope you have enjoyed this Kenwood kMix stand mixer review. If you have any problem or want to share your thoughts with us, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below! 🙂



  • Robert M Doyle

    Well, you sold me. I will keep this product in mind. I agree. With all the high-ticketed kitchen appliances these days, might as well get a quality one–one that really does the job. I am tired of the ones that work for a while and break.

    • Crystal

      Absolutely! I find it more expensive to buy craps that break down easily. You spent money, time and effort to deal with them and at the end just making yourself tired. I’m gonna say goodbye to those days haha!

  • Suha Nasir

    Everything you’ve included in this review is very detailed and allows us to see all the aspects of the mixer, awesome job!

    I like how you included the cons along with the pros, letting us know what we are actually getting.

    The unboxing video is also very helpful as it guides us through how to set up the mixer and see it in action.

    You could work on your grammar for for this article. A tip I have is to read it out loud to yourself and see if it makes sense, then change the parts that don’t.

    Overall, this is an excellent review, keep up the great work 🙂

    • Crystal


      I am happy that you like this article!
      I am not a native English speaker and still working on it haha.
      Thanks for your suggestion! I will work harder:)

  • Michael

    Hi Crystal,
    This mixer does look great.
    I have a sweet tooth, so I love cake.
    I do sometimes like to make my own. I bought a mixer a couple of years ago.
    It’s only quite a small one and not a branded one either.
    It’s not the greatest thing so I think when I next need to get another one I will spend a bit more money and get a better quality one that will last longer.
    I will definitely now have this one on my list to look into.
    Thanks for the great review.
    Best wishes,

    • Crystal

      Thanks Michael!

      I am glad that you find this article helpful:)
      As recommended above, I would say when you need one, get a good one.
      The kMix has been a good purchase for me.
      Definitely worth my money!

  • Keri

    This is a beautiful machine and thanks for review on it. I noticed that it is not shipped to the US, which is disappointing. My family members have always had Kitchen-aid mixers, so I wonder how it would compare to those.

    • Crystal

      Awww really? I am based in the UK and haven’t known they don’t ship to America! What s shame!

      The Kitchen-aid mixers are definitely one of the biggest rival to Kenwood. The Kitchen-aid mixers are well known for their attractive appearance, but in this case (the kMix) I would say they are even. I haven’t used a Kitchen-aid but from the reviews I read online I think the biggest strength of Kenwood is that they are easier to use.For example, when you are adding ingredients, you just lift the head of Kenwood and pop them into the bowl. The KitchenAid on the other hand needs more attention. The fiddly lever can be confusing and you literally have to remove the entire bowl to add ingredients into it!

  • Craig

    My Cuisinart just bit the dust after 10 years of hard use in the kitchen. I like to bake, no wonder I can’t lose any weight I guess…

    Anyway, this looks like a respectable option compared to another Cuisinart. Do you have any reason why the kMix might stand out comparably? I’ve never heard of this brand before but found your review looking for competitive options.

    • Crystal


      Thanks for your comment!
      Yes the kMix is really a competitive product.
      I compared the kMix with Cuisinart SM50 before actually buying it. The Cuisinart is a lot lighter but comes with a trade-off. It tends to shake when it operates at high speed and some people find it fail to evenly mix and knead dough even the tools are adjusted. I also find the Kenwood easier to be used in general.

  • Sharon

    Hi Crystal,

    I agree with you that the Kenwood Stand Mixer is an excellent choice. I have attended a couple of baking classes and they use Kenwood! This goes to show that it is a strong and long-lasting product.

    Being heavy is not a bad thing. It only shows that the mixer will be sturdy while kneading the dough which can be a bit “aggressive”. Indeed, this mixer is a beauty on the kitchen counter.

    Thanks for the useful review.

    • Crystal

      I am glad that you like this! 🙂

      I know some of the mixers that aim for a lightweight ended up shaking when operating on a high speed. It’s just too light that it fails to anchor to the bottom, which I think I would rather want a heavier but stabler stand mixer!

  • Jill

    The way Crystal set out this website was impressive. It was neat, easy to follow and didn’t hit you in the face with adds. There are adds but not right up front and in your face.
    The fact that she had included various recipes and you could tell from what she said that she is a baker helped keep this real.
    Kenwood has a good name and it was great to see the new products, especially as she pointed out the differences such as the see through bowl. A good addition to a great product as it is good to see that all the mixture is properly incorporated.
    In my opinion this was a good post

    • Crystal

      Thank you! I’m glad that you find this easy to read:)

      This is just my honest opinion and I will be happy if this helps anyone in need!

  • CoconuttyWife

    Would this be okay for someone making just one or two loaves of bread per week or would you recommend the other mixer you mentioned? Seems like it is one of those high ticket kitchen items that is pricey initially but worth the investment, kind of like the Vitamix or Blendtec.

    • Crystal

      One or two loaves will be fine! This kMix will be enough to support your need! (Just to share with you, the KM336 supports a dough weight of 2.2kg)

      Yeah, exactly! I have a Vitamix as well. These products has a fairly big price tag but you know you can rely on them!

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