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Best small hand mixers – Small kitchen? No problem!

The greatest solution for small kitchens – A list of best small hand mixers

Does anyone here have a small kitchen? Does anyone here value the tiny extra space in their kitchen like gold, just like me, or my mum?

Or maybe you were like me, looking for the best small hand mixers available on the market because you don’t even own a kitchen? Yes, this is true. I remember when I was in my university trying hard to get my degree, one of the very few things I can do to try to relax myself a bit was baking.

BUT! Baking was really a serious pain for me – a girl who shares her kitchen with five other flatmates. I mean, having flatmates is great, but this also means that you have to behave and try your best not to leave your belongings here and there in the kitchen and at the same time, the actual space provided for you is really not that much.

Imagine you have to fit all those mixing bowls and baking pans into your tiny cupboard. You will thank god later for spending a few minutes online to research for the small hand mixer model that best suit your need – just like I did.

So, if you have a small kitchen or for whatever reason, the amount of space in your kitchen is very limited, this guide is especially for you.

Before introducing the best small hand mixers, what are the things we should consider when purchasing a hand mixer?

I am not sure if you have read my best hand mixers 2018 guide I published earlier. If you haven’t, below is a link for you.

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In my previous article, I have also listed the things you should take into account when you are choosing the best hand mixer for yourself. However, as here we are focusing on finding the best small hand mixers, the importance of factors we are considering differ in some level.

1. Size and smart storage features

Our main focus in this guide will be placed on how easily we can keep and fit our machine in our cupboard or storage box – the hand mixers we are looking should have a compact size, easy-to-store shape and preferably with smart features that provide ease for a tidy storage.

2. Motor power

The motor power is undoubtedly one of the most important things to consider when we are buying a hand mixer – generally, the greater the motor power, the less likely the machine overheats in a short period of time.

However, the small size of the hand mixer might compromise the motor power. This is simply because there is a risk that a larger motor might not be able to be fit in a small shell.

For example, in my best hand mixers 2018 guide, the motor power of those hand mixers ranges between 300W and 500W but in this small hand mixers guide, the motor power sits mainly in the range of 200W and 400W.

3. Price range

In most of the circumstances, a bigger machine tends to be heavier and more pricey. As for small mixers, the prices appear to be more affordable, mostly because of their smaller size and lower motor power.

4. Attachments

Most of the hand mixers come with three basic attachments, which are:

Flat beaters: The most used tool for mixing cake batter and cookie dough.

Balloon whisk: Ideally for whipping light ingredients such as meringue and cream.

Dough hook: Use this pair of spiral attachments when you are working with yeast ingredients. For example, bread dough.

The other thing you should take note is that if your hand mixer comes with a bowl, the attachments should have an adequate length to allow it to reach as deep as possible so that you will not end up with a bottom layer of unmixed ingredients.

5. Speed settings

Most of the hand mixers are featured with a four- or five-speed setting. The number of speed settings of some of the premium hand mixers goes up to nine or ten for a greater precision but in general, a four- or five-speed setting hand mixer is already great enough in dealing with most of the daily kitchen tasks.

A good hand mixer should have a low enough minimum speed and high enough top speed – the minimum speed must be low enough that there will be no spillage when you are trying to add ingredients into the mixing bowl while the top speed should allow you to whip or mix in the blink of an eye.

6. Ease of cleaning

The attachments of most of the hand mixers these days are dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about the hideous cleaning session later.

However, it is worth paying attention to check whether the buttons and controls of your hand mixer are seamless – having food collected in the crevices is not just a pain to look at but also a source of bacteria and viruses.

7. Warranty

The length of warranty promised by the manufacturer is a strong indicator of the product quality.

The best small hand mixers guide

Weight Motor power Speed settingsAccessoriesDimension
1. Russell Hobbs Easy Prep Hand Mixer1.1 kg500 W429.4cm x 16.8cm x 20.1cm
2. Kenwood HM220 Hand Mixer0.8 kg125 W318cm x 13.5cm x 19cm
3. Fearne by Swan 5 Speed Hand Mixer1.0 kg400 W53 8cm x 15.5cm x 19.5cm
4. Dash Smart Store Hand Mixer0.8 kg125 W316.4cm x 11.4cm x 18.5cm
5. Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Mixer0.8 kg400 W527.7cm x 14cm x 20cm
6. VonShef Professional Hand Mixer1.2 kg300 W537.5cm x 11cm x 18.5cm
7. Breville Pick and Mix Hand Mixer0.8 kg200 W518.6cm x 6.4cm x 28cm
8. Morphy Richards Total Control Hand Mixer1.2 kg185 W539cm x 19.5cm x 31cm
9. Duronic HM4 Electric Hand Mixer Set0.9 kg400 W539.5cm x 20cm x 25cm
10. Breville SHM2 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer3.3 kg380 W10422.5cm x 31cm x 31cm

1. Russell Hobbs 22960 Easy Prep Hand Mixer

Price: £37

Dimension: 9.4cm x 16.8cm x 20.1cm

Weight: 1.11 kg

Motor: 500W

Speed settings: 4

Attachments: Beaters, dough hooks (dishwasher safe)

Warranty: 2 years


The first model featured on our list is this Russell Hobbs Easy Prep Hand Mixer.

The first thing this hand mixer attracts us is its thoughtfully designed onboard storage feature. This feature allows you to keep the beaters and dough hooks onto the body of the hand mixer so everything can be kept nicely in one piece rather than being scattered in various drawers.

And, to make it even tidier to be stored, this Russell Hobbs hand mixer allows you to wrap its cord around the bottom effortlessly and there is a cable storage clip at the end for extra convenience.

Russell-Hobbs-22960-Easy-Prep-Hand-MixerThis hand mixer might not have the prettiest appearance but it is going to be the true workhorse in your kitchen. Priced at £37, its 500W strong motor is more usually seen in the price range of £40-60. If you are looking for a not too big hand mixer with superior motor power, this model is one you should not neglect.

Its four-speed setting is not particularly fascinating, but the turbo button locates under the handle where your finger can naturally reach comes really useful with you need to give your food an extra boost. For example, when you need to whip your meringue to perfection.

The other favourite feature of ours is the mixer’s sealed rubber control buttons. They are fitted flush with Russell-Hobbs-22960-Easy-Prep-Hand-Mixermixer body so you will never have to worry about anything got collected in those tiny gaps. The result? A super easy to clean hand mixer.

The only minor drawback we are able to find is the lack of balloon whisk in the purchase.

What are others saying?

This Russell Hobbs Easy Prep Hand Mixer is rated at 4 out of 5 stars out of 44 reviews on Amazon. Majority of the positive responses highlights the mixer’s unique onboard storage feature – losing your attachments will be become a thing of the past of you own one of these Russell Hobbs hand mixers.

Verified buyers commented that buying a 500W motor at £37 is absolutely a great deal.

Some also pointed out that the beaters are fitted quite narrowly, so it’s perfect to use this hand mixer in smaller bowls.

2. Kenwood HM220 Hand Mixer

Price: £18

Dimension: 8cm x 13.5cm x 19cm

Weight: 0.75 kg

Motor: 125W

Speed settings: 3

Attachments: Beaters (dishwasher safe)

Warranty: 1 year


This brilliant Kenwood HM220 Hand Mixer is a model worth discussing if we are talking about the best small hand mixers on the market.

Unlike other complicatedly designed and expensive hand mixers, this model is a little gem that carries no unnecessary features that you will never use in your life. If you are a minimalist who hates all the extra and unneeded features, we congratulate you on finding this gorgeous model for yourself.

Kenwood-HM220-Hand-MixerIts three speeds are dedicated for handling a variety of tasks you throw at it. Whether it’s mixing, folding or whisking, this hand mixer is going to get all of them covered nicely. All speeds can be switched easily from one to another as the controls are located where your thumb can comfortably rest.

The motor power of this hand mixer is 125W, which is considerably low and in most cases, this means a motor prone to overheating. However, overheating is not a thing you should worry with this Kenwood hand mixer because it is equipped with an enhanced cooling system to avoid this and also for a greater energy efficiency.

This lovely hand mixer is of lightweight and the handle of the mixer is moulded to be held comfortably – you will never have a sore arm again. Plus, the beaters are made from stainless steel for greater strength and durability.

Though, the dough hooks and balloon whisk are not included in the purchase, which is disappointing. Bakers Kenwood-HM220-Hand-Mixerwill need to purchase these attachments separately.

In terms of ease of storage, this model has a beater interlock system to ensure you keep the accessories safely together with the body of the hand mixer. The cable can be wrapped around the bottom of the mixer body and there is a little useful cable grip to provide help with tidy storage of it.

What are others saying?

This Kenwood HM220 Hand Mixer has received a high score from the verified buyers on Amazon – 4.6 out of 5 stars from about 500 reviews.

This little hand mixer handles daily tasks such as mixing cake batter and beating eggs beautifully and is especially suitable for servings for one or two people.

This hand mixer is particularly suitable for people who are looking for a simple but effective hand mixer with neat features.

3. Fearne by Swan 5 Speed Hand Mixer

Price: £34

Dimension: 8cm x 15.5cm x 19.5cm

Weight: 1 kg

Motor: 400W

Speed settings: 5

Attachments: Beaters, dough hooks, balloon whisk (dishwasher safe)

Warranty: 2 years


No other hand mixer is able to match better with your beautiful kitchen than this Fearne by Swam Hand Mixer. Coming at four different pastel colours – lily, peacock, honey and truffle, your kitchen is going to explode with a stylish and sweet feeling.


All the small whipping and mixing tasks are going to be done quickly with its powerful 400W motor and there are five speeds for you to select from to match your need and work with a higher precision. If you are worried about not getting your cream readily whipped in three seconds, there is also a turbo function to assist you.

The handle is ergonomically moulded to provide you with the best user experience and the attachments areSwan-SP21050HON-5-Speed-Hand-Mixer sturdily made with stainless steel. You can rest assured that they will be able to cope well with all those whisking and beating jobs. The accessories are also dishwasher safe, so they are easy to clean – just pop them into your machine after finished using it.

To aid in the removal of attachments from the mixer body, there is an eject button for you to press on. You will know this tiny detail is the one that provides you with the greatest help if you have tried using any model without this function before.

One flaw we find on this model, though, is its grill on the front – this is a place where food ingredients such as flour can be easily trapped and you will have to spend a considerable amount of time on cleaning it.

What are others saying?

This Fearne by Swan Hand Mixer has received an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars from the verified buyers on Amazon.

Buyers agree that this model is easy to use and its appearance is aesthetically pleasing. The tools are sturdy and the motor is powerful.

However, quite a few of them have also noticed that its slow speed is actually faster than you will expect – this is likely to cause your dry ingredients such as icing sugar and flour to fly everywhere during the initial mixing.

The other minor drawback is that its handle has no grip so it can be slippery if you use it when hands are wet.

4. Dash Smart Store Hand Mixer

Price: £17

Dimension: 6.4cm x 11.4cm x 18.5cm

Weight: 0.8 kg

Motor: 125W

Speed settings: 3

Attachments: Beaters (dishwasher safe)

Warranty: –

Dash Smart Store Hand Mixer

The other model we cannot miss out when we talk about the best hand mixers for a small kitchen is this Dash Smart Store Hand Mixer.

This basic hand mixer is neatly designed to be flat from every side and has a compact size, so you can easily fit it in your drawer and you will be surprised by how little space it is taking up. The cord wraps around the mixer body and can be secured with the cord clip provided.

Plus, you will never have a messy cupboard if your final choice is this Dash Smart Store hand mixer. We Dash-Smart-Store-Hand-Mixerpersonally think that this is one of the cleverest storage design ideas available on the market –  it has a beater storage in the handle for neat and compact storage and as everything is stored together as one piece, the risk for you to lose the beaters is minimised.

The 150W motor of this hand mixer is obviously not the strongest butDash-Smart-Store-Hand-Mixer is powerful enough for you to complete all those simple daily mixing tasks such as beating the eggs or mixing the cookie dough. This model supports single-hand use – you can swap between the three speeds of this hand mixer by sliding the control with your thumb.

This model is also a great option if what you want is a lightweight hand mixer. Coming at 0.8 kg, you will find yourself mixing at ease even when you are performing that repetitive mixing motion for a prolonged time period.

One noticeable flaw in terms of the design of the mixer is similar to that of in Fearne of Swan hand mixer (number 3) – the grill at the front is likely to collect food ingredients and can be hard to clean. Also, as the grill connects to the motor, this brings a risk that the dry ingredients might get into it and cause damage to the motor over time.

What are others saying?

This Dash Smart Store Hand Mixer is rated at 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Buyers left positive responses regarding its great value for money – this model is handy, compact and comes at an affordable price.

Some buyers have reflected that the motor is not very powerful and can take more time to achieve their desired result, which is the most prominent downside of this hand mixer.

However, overall, they are satisfied with its quality at this price and impressed with its smart storage design.

5. Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Mixer

Price: £35

Dimension: 7.7cm x 14cm x 20cm

Weight: 0.8 kg

Motor: 400W

Speed settings: 5

Attachments: Beaters, dough hooks (dishwasher safe)

Warranty: 2 years


If you are a person who loves baking but hates all the noises during the baking process, this Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Mixer is going to save your day.

Thanks to its noise reduction technology, this hand mixer works extremely quiet despite having a really powerful 400W motor.

We think this model is especially suitable for bakers with toddlers or babies at home – these sweet little monsters are definitely able to get their lovely afternoon nap while you use this spare time to do some baking.

Bosch-MFQ36300GB-Hand-Mixer-400WOther than the five different speeds to assist you with different needs in your baking activities, this model also carries an additional pulse and burst function – bakers gain a greater control by using the pulse function when they are performing a delicate task and an extra burst of power to the food mixture is allowed by using the burst function.

Looking at its appearance, it is not hard to tell that this hand mixer is not fancily shaped to impress anyone but is designed to be basic, compact and easy to store, which is exactly what we want if we have a small kitchen.

Two sets of high-quality accessories, the beaters and the dough hooks are Bosch-MFQ36300GB-Hand-Mixer-400Wincluded in the purchase. If you press the ejector button on the unit, you are able to remove them from the mixer body with ease.

One thoughtful feature worth mentioning is the lack of centre posts in the beaters. This means an easier cleaning as you will not have to worry about food ingredients being collected there at the posts.

To ensure maximum user comfort, the handle is ergonomically designed and the whole unit is of lightweight. Weighing just under 0.8 kg, this is another lightest weighted hand mixer on the market, given that it is of a premium quality.

What are others saying?

From over 300 reviews of verified buyers on Amazon, this Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Mixer has earned an overall high rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The buyers love the fact that it is solidly built, easy to use and store and works really quietly even when it is operated at its highest speed – you can even clearly hear the TV while using it.

However, some of the buyers have commented that the maximum speed is actually lower than they expected and the motor seems to struggle a bit when working with heavy mixtures such as dough.

6. VonShef Professional Hand Mixer

Price: £19

Dimension: 7.5cm x 11cm x 18.5cm

Motor: 300W

Weight: 1.2KG

Speed settings: 5

Attachments: Beaters, dough hooks, balloon whisk (dishwasher safe)

Warranty: 2 years


Another hand mixer we must recommend to bakers is this Vonshef Professional Hand Mixer. If you are looking for a model with great value for money, this is one of your best bets.

Its powerful 300W motor makes it stands out when you compare it with other models with similar prices. For example, both motor power of the Kenwood True hand mixer (£18) and Dash Smart hand mixer (£17) are only 125W.

VonShef-Professional-300W-Hand-MixerThis Vonshef hand mixer is covered in a sleek red casing but you can also find it available in other beautiful colours – black and cream.

This model might not carry a bunch of astonishing features but you can rest assured that it is capable of handling majority, if not, all of the kitchen tasks you throw at it.

It has five speeds you can effortlessly operate with your thumb to suit your mixing and whisking needs and anVonShef-Professional-300W-Hand-Mixer additional turbo mode to allow you to whip your meringue to perfection in split second.

Three dishwasher-safe attachments – the beaters, dough hooks and balloon whisk are included in the delivery box and you may also find an ejector button on the mixer body to help with the removal of attachments.

The cable is of the length of 1m, so you are able to manoeuver your hand mixer even if your plug socket is distant.

What are others saying?

Listed as the number one best seller item on Amazon, this Vonshef Professional Hand Mixer has been purchased over a thousand times and has received a massive amount of reviews. From over 2200 reviews provided by the buyers, this mixer is rated at 4.3 out of 5 stars.

From what the reviews have reflected, the buyers are happy that this model has a great value for money and handles the everyday cooking and baking activities beautifully. However, quite a few of them have said that this mixer works more efficiently in smaller quantities and seems to struggle with heavier mixtures.

Some of them further commented that the release button is stiff and can be quite hard to press. The blades of the beater are also quite thin.

7. Breville Pick and Mix Hand Mixer

Price: £23

Dimension: 8.6cm x 6.4cm x 28cm

Motor: 200W

Weight: 0.8KG

Speed settings: 5

Attachments: Beaters (dishwasher safe)

Warranty: 1 year


Breville is another quality brand you can put your trust in when you are looking for the best small hand mixers on the market.

If you are looking for an easy-to-store hand mixer that brings a 1950’s touch to your kitchen but is not quite ready to spend a big chunk of money on it, this Breville Pick and Mix Hand mixer is the perfect option for you.

Available at an affordable price of £23, you may make your kitchen joyful and colourful by choosing from three lovely pastel colours – Pistachio, Vanilla Cream and Strawberry Cream.

It is of lightweight so you can comfortably hold it with one hand and the speeds can be easily controlled by using the ergonomically designed thumb control speed selector.

Breville-Pick-and-Mix-Hand-MixerPowered by a 200W motor, there are five speeds for you to choose from according to you need to beat or mix.

This hand mixer is designed to be easy to use and control. For example, it has a flat heel so you can place it upright without difficulties when you are dealing with other tasks such as adding ingredients into the mixing bowl.

The stainless steel beaters are durable and dishwasher safe. YouBreville-Pick-and-Mix-Hand-Mixer can remove them effortlessly by giving the eject button on the unit a touch. However, the beaters are the only accessories included here, which can be a bit disappointing.

Its fuss-free design is worth another mention – this has made it easy to be fitted in anywhere in your kitchen.

What are others saying?

This Breville Pick and Mix Hand Mixer have been reviewed for over 190 times and an impressive, high 4.2 out of 5 stars rating has been given on this Breville model.

The reason behind this hand mixer receiving an overwhelmingly positive response is not hard to understand – it combines actual kitchen usefulness, an appealing appearance and an affordable price tag in one item.

However, some of the buyers have commented that this is not the best hand mixer for whisking egg whites. The minimum speed is not low enough and it is quite noisy when it is working.

8. Morphy Richards 400505 Total Control Hand Mixer

Price: £45

Dimension: 9cm x 19.5cm x 31cm

Motor: 185W

Weight: 1.2KG

Speed settings: 5

Attachments: Beaters, dough hooks, balloon whisk (dishwasher safe)

Warranty: 2 years


This Morphy Richards Total Control Hand Mixer is a little gem your kitchen should be equipped with and you will learn how this hand mixer earns a place in our guide in a minute.

Morphy-Richards-400505-Total-Control-Hand-MixerThe speed selector is stylishly designed and this hand mixer has a variety of speeds for you to make use of when you are creating with your favourite recipe. With this Morphy Richards Total Control Hand Mixer, you don’t have to worry about not having the correct amount of power when you are cooking or baking.

An additional pulse function is also included for you to have a greaterMorphy-Richards-400505-Total-Control-Hand-Mixer control during the food preparation process. The other unique feature we love about this hand mixer is its speed lock function – this is a useful function if you need to mix for a longer period of time.

Featuring the Smart Response Technology, its 185W motor starts softly during the initial mixing process, so you don’t have to worry about any occurrence of spillages.

This model comes equipped with three basic attachments – the beaters, dough hooks and the balloon whisk, to allow you to prepare a wide range of dishes.

The ergonomic handle is made to be non-slip so you can use it comfortably even when your hand is wet.

This model also scores high from the storage perspective. It is compact and has a cable storage at the bottom of the unit for you to neatly store the cable in it – a messy cupboard will become a thing of the past in your kitchen.

What are others saying?

According to the reviews on Amazon, this Morphy Richards Total Control Hand Mixer is given a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Over 80% of the buyers find that this model is easy and convenient to use, compact and serves as a great helper hand when you need to whisk up some cream or prepare an even food mixture.

However, it seems to labour when kneading a dough. Plus, when in use, the speed controls are tricky to be adjusted with one hand.

9. Duronic HM4 Electric Hand Mixer Set 400W

Price: £25

Dimension: 9.5cm x 20cm x 25cm

Motor: 400W

Weight: 1.7KG (with storage casing); 0.9 KG (without storage casing)

Speed settings: 5

Attachments: Beaters, dough hooks, balloon whisk

Warranty: 1 year


If scattering the accessories of a machine here and there and then losing them is what drives you mad, this Duronic Electric Hand Mixer Set is the best cure for you.

A specially made smart storage casing that comes along with the Duronic hand mixer allows you to store your accessories together in one place until the next time you need them. This casing is made of durable, strong clear plastic, so you can see through it and are clear of everything stored in it.

Duronic-HM4-Electric-Hand-Mixer-Set-400WAt a price of £25, you get a hand mixer powered by a 400W motor – a deal we consider really worth the money. This hand mixer has a five-speed setting and is equipped with a turbo function so you can give your food mixture a boost whenever you think necessary. All the controls are at the top of the unit, where your thumb can easily reach.

Duronic-HM4-Electric-Hand-Mixer-Set-400WThree useful attachments come together with this Duronic hand mixer – a balloon whisk, a pair of beaters and a pair of dough hooks. By using the right tools, you are one step nearer to the correct result. An ejector button is also built on the unit to allow effortless detachment of accessories.

The attachments are made of stainless steel but the manual fails to state whether they are dishwasher safe. Therefore, to be safe, we advise you to hand wash them.

This ergonomically designed hand mixer is also engineered to be light at the same time to perfect the user experience. Weighing under 1kg (without the casing), this hand mixer shows the greatest benefit of using a hand mixer – easy to handle and manoeuvre so you can make the most of this brilliant hand mixer.

What are others saying?

This Duronic Electric Hand Mixer Set has been reviewed for over 170 times on Amazon. 95% of the verified buyers have left with a four or five-star rating and this has resulted in this product receiving an incredibly high 4.7 out of 5-star rating.

The buyers clearly expressed their love towards the storage solution provided by this hand mixer set and are impressed by its powerful motor.

According to the buyer reviews, this hand mixer is unlike other models that require you to allow it to rest for every five minutes – it is able to work for a longer period of time and is barely warm. It performed excellently even when it is dealing with heavy food mixture. For example, bread dough.

10. Breville SHM2 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer

Price: £50

Dimension: 22.5cm x 31cm x 31cm

Motor: 380W

Weight: 3.3 KG

Speed settings: 10

Attachments: Beaters, dough hooks, balloon whisk, spatula (dishwasher safe)

Warranty: 1 year


One last model we list on our best small hand mixers guide is the Twin Hand and Stand Mixer from Breville. This hand mixer is listed last but it is definitely not the least. If you favour a versatile machine, this is a mixer you should consider.

Cleverly designed to be the combination of stand and hand mixer – it eliminates the disadvantage of stand mixers being too big and taking up too much space and includes the benefit of a hand mixer to be easy to handle and control.

Breville-SHM2-Twin-Hand-and-Stand-MixerKeep the unit in place so it works like a stand mixer if you need to mix for a longer period of time. On the other hand, detach the unit and use it as a hand mixer for a greater user control.

One of the most prominent features of this model is that it allows bakers to prepare their ingredients in a larger quantity – the mixing bowl that comes along is able to hold up to one litre of dry ingredients or two litres of liquid.

An innovative patented twin motor is built in this machine – if you use it as a stand mixer, you will notice that one of the motors works to drive the beaters while the other one rotates the mixing bowl. By working in two opposite directions, a greater coverage is promised and your food mixture is more efficiently combined.

Thanks to the freestanding unit of this machine, you can comfortably select a suitable speed from its 10Breville-SHM2-Twin-Hand-and-Stand-Mixersettings while it is operating. A boost function is also available for you to make use of if an extra input of power is required.

Other than the three usual accessories, a spatula is also included. It is uniquely shaped to fit the mixing bowl so you can scrape the last remaining mixture in the bowl out with ease.

All accessories are dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about the cleaning job afterwards. At the head of the unit, you may also find an eject button that assists with the removal of accessories.

What are others saying?

After being reviewed by over 600 buyers, this Breville SHM2 Twin Mixer is rated at 4.4 out of 5 stars.

This basic but reliable machine wins the heart of buyers with its excellent value for money – it is well-made, versatile and easy to keep clean.

However, some buyers commented that the attachments fail to fully reach the bottom.

The weight of this machine is open to debate. Weighing at 3.3 KG, this twin mixer is easy to handle and move from one place to another. However, some buyers have noticed that the machine vibrates quite vigorously when working at high speed.

Our top pick

Among these best small hand mixers, our favourite model is the Duronic HM4 Electric Hand Mixer Set. The reasons behind include:

  • This model has the highest Amazon rating.
  • The motor is powerful and does not get overheated easily.
  • All basic attachments are included.
  • A smart storage solution is provided.
  • It comes at an affordable price.

Finally, we hope that you have enjoyed reading this guide! If you have any problems or thoughts to share, please feel free to leave them in the comment section. Cheers!


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    Thank for you sharing. I hope you can keeping writing kitchen appliances review in the future.

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      I have published another comprehensive review of hand mixers a few weeks before. If you need more ideas on hand mixers, I think that review will help!

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    Oh my gosh, I love all these choices! I have a KitchenAid and do love it. I just don’t like to use it every time as it is so big. Some times I just need a small mixer. which I did have until I moved. Now I am in need of one and I am going to have to take a look at all of these and see which one I like the best. I don’t have a small kitchen, but I do have a lot of “stuff” in my kitchen, so something compact is exactly what I need. Thanks!

    • Crystal

      I know! I always advise keen bakers to own both a stand and a hand mixer! Not saying that the big guys aren’t great but sometimes all you need to do is just whip two eggs! I just love how hand mixer offers you the greater control on completing your task. And, it’s super easy to clean!

      I hope you do get some good models from my article! Always a pleasure to help! 🙂

  • Maryann Breece

    The storage compartment on the Duronic looks like it would be the most sanitary option on the list. The Dash Smart concerns me. If you store your beaters in the handle you had best be making sure to thoroughly clean the handle area every use. I surely keep my machine clean from bits of food and dirt. However I can’t say that I wipe the entire thing clean of germs on the handles every time I use it. I think I would have to go with something like Duronic so that I can keep the beaters and attachments in a sterile compartment. Great list.

    • Crystal

      Yeah, regarding the Dash Smart mixer, that could potentially be an issue but I will definitely suggest everyone wash and wipe their accessories dry before each use, even that you have cleaned it last time and stored it since. This is highly recommended for food security, especially if you have kids at home.

      And, I agree with you. The Duronic wins our heart in terms of sanitary too. Not only for tidy storage, but the plastic container box also helps to keep your accessories out of dust! Though, I will still suggest washing your accessories again before you use it!

  • Rob

    We recently moved and are in need of a lot of kitchen appliances including hand mixers.
    It’s hard to pick from all of these because they all seem solid and dependable. But my wife likes the Breville. Are there any specific reasons that this is your top pick as well? My wife does a lot of baking so we want one that is going to last and perform well.

    • Crystal

      Hey Rob,

      Your wife definitely knows how to choose a good hand mixer! The Breville is one of my favourite models too!

      I particularly recommend it if you want to have a taste of having a stand mixer but still not quite ready for spending a big chunk of money on purchasing it. Simply keep the machine in place on its free-standing unit when you need to mix for a longer time. Go and do something else during the waiting time or okay, maybe prepare other ingredients. Easy peasy!

      This is the perfect model for your wife if she loves making cakes and cookies. Though, we observed that this machine can shake quite vigorously when it is dealing with a heavier mixture. So, we think this is less suitable if you intend to use this model for making bread.

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