About The Cake Blogger

Hi all and welcome to my Cake Blogger website. I have been enthusiastic about cakes and desserts since whenever I have my memory and really excited to be able to share millions of cake ideas here!

Me and cakes…

Growing up in Malaysia, I have been surrounded by a variety of food. I mean, seriously, you name it. From Indian roti to Szechuan spicy pot, I have allowed myself to develop a well-pampered stomach (Oh god).


To myself, a nice appealing food should be judged from three aspects, which are their taste, smell and appearance. This is where baking and cake decoration comes in. A decorated cake literally means an art to me.

Then, I got it. Maybe I can contribute a bit to this area!

That’s why I started this cake blog!:)

People do love pretty things in life

Now I wish I can spread happiness and joy, just like the way I treat myself.

I know people who get so stressed from their jobs and family. I know how bad you can feel for not getting the correct way of stress relief.

We just need a little of personal time looking at something beautiful. To me, this includes baking and cake decorating.

The purpose of the Cake Blogger

“A party without a cake is just a meeting,”-Julia Child. I cannot agree more.

No matter you are looking for a cake idea for your best friend’s birthday or ready to wow your family on the regular gathering, I will get you covered!

Let’s have some fun and get ready to make some celebration worthy cakes!

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Lots of love,



  • Fran Kelso

    Wow! What a sweet site! I really liked the way you have set up your site…I see I could learn some things from you about my own site. You have presented a very thorough and enticing look at the world of cake-baking. I can see I will have to come back and check out a few recipes. Keep on as you are — looking forward to more — very nice site.

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